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Is Medicare Advantage Right for You?

As seniors find out all too often, Medicare doesn’t cover everything, and what it does cover can still wind up being expensive with copays and deductibles. One way to reduce medical costs is to manage these expenses better, and that

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Health Costs Can Be a Surprise Even with Medicare

Some call Medicare the ultimate government entitlement program. Seniors, many of whom contributed to the system while working, tend to disagree with that assessment. For many, Medicare is the only way they can afford medical care, at a time when

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What Hospital Care Does Medicare Part A Cover?

Part A, or the Hospital Insurance part of Medicare, covers your treatment while in a hospital facility. Since it is impossible to include all there is to know about Part A coverage, the following is for general information only. As

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What is Medicare?

Medicare is a federally funded health insurance program for people 65 and older. If you have permanent kidney failure and require dialysis or a kidney transplant, or if you are under 65 and have certain disabilities, you may also qualify

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How to Choose the Right Medigap Plan

Whether you have recently joined a Medicare plan or you have been on one for years, you may not know that there are supplemental plans available, called Medigap plans. They are named so because they help fill in the financial

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Get Affordable Prescriptions While On Medicare

If you currently have Medicare, you may be paying more out of pocket for your prescriptions than is necessary. Medicare doesn’t cover the total cost for prescriptions and in some cases, doesn’t cover them at all. Yet most people who

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