Obama Care

More Americans are now eligible for Health Insurance.

How can Obama Care provide you with Medical Coverage? Do you have new options under the new law?

If you don't have health insurance, now you can get it

Yes!  If you don’t have health insurance, now you can get it, regardless of your age, sex, or medical condition.  Obama Care, otherwise known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Acts means insurance companies must see to it that:

  • you can’t be denied
  • you can’t’ be dropped
  • you can get preventive care and screening
  • your choice of doctors is protected
  • you can get the prescriptions you need
  • no more yearly or lifetime limits on essential care
  • you have the right to appeal insurance decisions
  • young adults can stay covered by parents’ policies up to age 26
  • 80% of your premiums must go toward health care -- not administrative costs.
  • the cost of premiums can’t increase without review, to insure the extra money is needed to provide health care.

The Supreme Court has ruled that these are constitutional rights, and health insurance companies are complying right now.

So even with all the continued voting in Washington D.C. attempting to delay and change the law, DONT wait to find out what the current law is.

If you already have health coverage, the law does not require you to change plans.

But it may provide options that are an improvement over your current insurance policy.  We can help you find out.

“Covered California,” the state market place provided by Obama Care, opens for business on October 1, 2013.  To be covered by January 1, 2014, you have to sign up by Dec 15 of 2013.

California is preparing “counselors” to help the flood of applicants work their way through the available options.  These counselors do not necessarily have any previous experience with health insurance.

You will want an experienced insurance broker or agent to help you make sense of all the data.  That is what we at Dabboussi Insurance Services are here for.

If you couldn’t get insurance before, now you can.  If you already have insurance, you now have new options.  Sure, the news is changing all the time.  But that’s why we are here:  to help you keep up to date on available insurance, and to make sure you get the best health coverage available under the new law.

So you can’t afford not to find out what the law means for you.  Let us help you take advantage of the benefit available now for you!

So What if You Don't Want Health Insurance?

People who do not buy insurance or qualify for government coverage like Medicare and Medicaid, will be paying something towards health care, anyway.  Individuals who are still uninsured by March of 2014 will be fined 1% of their modified income or $95, whichever is more, on their 2014 taxes.  And that penalty will gradually increase until the fine is 2.5% or $695 in 2016.

Businesses, which traditionally provide insurance for their employees, will now be required to make health care available to all full-time employees.  They have until 2015 to comply or face fines.

So the plan is that every one, healthy or not, contributes.

No one is better qualified than Dabboussi Insurance Services to help you understand and take advantage of your current insurance options.


Obama Care Plans

We are here to help you find your way through the mass of information about Obama Care, and help you take advantage of the benefits you qualify for.

People with low to medium incomes may qualify for federal subsidies to help offset monthly premiums and deductibles.  You can be making up to 400% of the federal poverty limit and still qualify, if you don’t have other coverage that meets certain standards available to you.