Obama Care’s Impact on ALL Insurance Plans

As of today, insurance agencies in Los Angeles will be offering Obama Care health care plans.   No matter which provider you decide to go with, all insurance plans will now have the following benefits:

  • No more denial of insurance because of pre-existing conditions.  This does not go into effect until 2014, but anyone who would like coverage now, can apply to the state to get temporary health insurance coverage.
  • Insurance companies must get “OK” from the state government before raising premiums.
  • Obama Care says that insurance companies must spend at least 80% of premiums on providing actual medical services.  If they spent it elsewhere (i.e. salaries or marketing), they have to pay it back to the policy holder.
  • Most families will no longer have to make co-payments on wellness or pregnancy exams.
  • If an insured member gets sick, they cannot be dropped from their plan.
  • Parents can add their adult children, up to age 26, to their plans.
  • If a child is chronically ill, a new insurance company cannot deny coverage for the child.
  • Obama Care requires that 50 procedures recommended by the” U.S Preventative Services Task Force”, be covered as preventative services.    These include well-women visits, domestic violence screening, and support for breastfeeding equipment and contraception.
  • Maternity and Newborn Care is categorized as preventative care, and must be provided at no cost.
  • Though most plans currently provide services and devices to help with injuries, disabilities or chronic conditions, Obama Care will also cover goods and services  to help  maintain a standard of living if a person contracts a chronic disease.
  • Obama Care plans cover 100% of preventative lab tests.  This does not include tests that have been ordered if a person has already been diagnosed with a disease.

A new era for health insurance is about to begin.  Talk to one of our insurance expert about your options

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